Regulatory News

In May total oil and natural gas production in Brazil reached 3.473 million barrels of oil per day (boe/d), exceeding the previous record in December 2016, when 3.433 million barrels of oil per day were produced. The data was released by the National Oil and Gas Agency (ANP).

Pre-salt production corresponded to 60.7% of the total in the country; 6.4% higher than in April and 14.5% higher than May of last year. According to the ANP bulletin, 95.8% of the gas produced was used. Offshore fields accounted for 96.3% of oil production and 83.8% of natural gas. The fields operated by Petrobras produced 94.4% of oil and natural gas. Brazilian production took place in 7,107 wells, 642 maritime and 6,465 land.

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