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The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) will prioritize research, development and innovation projects related to accident prevention measures and the environmental impact of oil and gas production. The decision was made because of the oil spill that hit the Brazilian coast, especially in the Northeast. According to the Brazilian Environmental Institute, about 4.6 tons of crude oil has been removed since the end of August, when the first oil slicks were detected.

The purpose of the ANP is to contribute to the training and preparation of companies and research institutions for emergency situations. The regulatory agency will stimulate the development of projects with themes such as: oil dispersion modeling in maritime environments; monitoring of oil production, runoff and transportation infrastructures; methodologies for monitoring and preventing oil containment losses in offshore oil production units and subsea infrastructure; well monitoring; emergency response, infrastructure and the Incident Command System (ICS); risk analysis methodologies applied to the oil and natural gas industry.

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