Regulatory News

High commercial value fish important for regulating the eco-system are being caught even though they do not meet weight and size minimums for reproduction around the Abrolhos Islands, causing an imbalance throughout the region. This is the main conclusion from a study of more than two years at that very important marine sanctuary and which was reported on the CRE-Brasil site at the beginning of the month. The study resulted in a scientific article, Spawning patterns of commercially important reef fish, published in the magazine, Scientia Marina.

The research coordinator, Matheus Oliveira de Freitas, from the Capão da Imbuia Natural History Museum warns: “These fish are taken from the environment before they are mature, without leaving offspring to guarantee reproduction cycles.” He explains that the most affected species are the large predators that help control the smaller fish, and this is fundamental to maintaining the delicate balance of the coral reefs.

Scientists hope the study helps with regulating the fishing of these species that are currently open to being fished at any time of the year. According to the scientists, it would be necessary to prohibit fishing during periods when these fish lay eggs.

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