Regulatory News

Two months after the earthquake that caused the nuclear accident at the Fukushima plant, 40 countries still maintain restrictions on food coming from Japan due to fear of radioactive contamination. The fear is mostly of the symbol of Japanese culinary: raw fish. The Japanese government, however, guarantees that all products are being rigorously inspected so as to avoid risks.

To do away with fears, Japan prohibited fish from the coastal region of Fukushima. “We detected contamination by cesium and iodine in fish from the Fukushima coast, but since April these indices have been falling. And the problem was detected only in one species. We are monitoring the situation carefully, but for now, contamination of fish and seafood is not a preoccupation,” affirmed Hideki Karaki, a specialist in radioactivity at the University of Tokyo and member of the Food Safety Commission, a consulting agency to the Japanese government.

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