Regulatory News

Situated about five kilometers from the most famous beaches in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil - Copacabana and Ipanema - Cagarras Islands are at the center of a project that aims to map the biodiversity of the region. The site is the first protected marine area for the city and therefore, the need for a management plan for the islands and their surroundings was identified.

Sponsored by Petrobras, researchers at the Institute Mar Adentro began the survey. "What has drawn the most attention is the amount of dolphins and birds," said biologist Carlos Rangel.

In one of the fronts of the study, the team of eight researchers collected water from four points around the Cagarras Islands. One is near an underwater effluent, which emits sewage into the sea where many fish are fish that end up on the table of the residents of Rio. The data is sent to an advisory board made ​​up of 18 agencies which provide measures to preserve the archipelago.

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