Regulatory News

The Galapagos shark is now extinct in Brazil. The observation was made by scientists Osmar Luiz Junior, Department of Zoology, University of Campinas, and Alasdair J. Edwards, the School of Biology at Newcastle University. In an article published in the magazine Biological Conservation, researchers report that the species which lived near the ocean reefs of the archipelago of São Pedro and São Paulo, 986 km from the mainland – has not been sighted.

At work, the researchers compared records from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries with those of the last ten years. The reason for the extinction of the species in Brazilian waters is that commercial fishing is close to an Environmental Protection Area, where there should be control and management plans.

The end of a top predator in the food chain brings serious consequences, according Osmar Luiz Junior. "In the U.S., where there is the extinction of sharks there has been an overpopulation of stingrays and a drastic reduction of scallops, causing serious losses to the fishermen," he warns.

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