Regulatory News

An oil spill that occurred in the Campos Basin on November 8- 120 kilometers off the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro – has been targeted by a Federal Police investigation. After an inspection in the Frade field, operated by the North American company Chevron, the Head of the Bureau of Environment of the institution, Fabio Scliar, verified indications that the company could be omitting information and that the accident may be worse than the company reported.

According to Chevron, the volume that had leaked out by last Wednesday (the 16th) was between 450 and 650 barrels, causing an oil slick that spread over 163 km². However, the National Petroleum Regulatory Agency (ANP) estimated a much larger spill: one thousand barrels.

Scliar strongly criticized the initial information saying, "there are many inconsistencies and lies that have from Chevron. Environmental damage is at incalculable proportions." According to the department responsible for the Environment at the Federal Police, the crack in the seabed where the oil has leaked out is between 280 and 300 meters long. He also said that Chevron had drilled a well 500 meters beyond what was programmed.

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