Regulatory News

Environmentalists have found new ways to protest against shark fishing by boats coming out of Japan. Graphic artists, designers and photographers have joined forces to denounce the killing of these animals, (it is estimated that 70 million are killed each year) using art and pop social media. Posters and prints are gaining popularity on Japanese streets and the web, in an attempt to educate the public about th e massacre.

Japan is the leading supplier of shark fins to China, where the dish is a status symbol. The hunting of these animals is a million-dollar business, which also produces cosmetics, leather products and sushi. However, awareness campaigns have positive effects. In 1956, 76,000 tons of shark were brought in. In 2008, the number dropped to 36,000 tons. Additionally, Japan instituted a law banning finning, a practic e in which only the fin is torn and the shark is thrown back to sea to slowly die.

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