Regulatory News

The manatee (Trichechus manatus), one of the species most at risk of extinction in Brazil and worldwide, is under new threat: the occupation of areas near the coast from the state of Ceará to the state of Rio Grande do Norte, northeast Brazil. The warning was made by Ana Carolina Meirelles, who coordinates the Marine Mammal Program and the Association for Research and Preservation of Aquatic Ecosystems - Project Manati.

The manatees usually use the mangroves near the sea as a maternity and nursery area. However, these areas have been occupied by saltpans and shrimp farms, which force the manatee to move out to the open sea, where there are waves and strong currents. "Without access to rivers and wetlands, the females give birth in inappropriate places and many young mothers end up getting lost and stranded on the beaches," says Ana Carolina.

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