Regulatory News

In an article published in the scientific journal Nature, U.S. researchers presented a controversial idea to reduce the killing of whales in the world. The proposal presented by Professors Christopher Costello, Steve Gaines and Leah Gerber is to create a market with rights to kill whales, which could be bought and sold.

According to scientists, despite the efforts by conservationists and the hunting moratorium imposed in 1986, the number of whales captured more than doubled since the early 90s. Today, about 2,000 are killed each year.

Based on the proposed model, the number of hunted whales would depend on who owned a "catch share". If the whalers acquire all the shares, they could only hunt the stipulated maximum number. If all the quotas were owned by environmentalists, no animal would be caught, but the whalers could be compensated with money from these "shares".

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