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Marine fauna defense agencies are confronting the Peruvian government. The reason is the result of an investigation into the death of almost 900 dolphins on the north coast of Peru between February and April this year - the last two summers, 2011 and 2012, there have been about 3,000 dolphins found along the Peruvian coast. The conclusion of the report released by the government was that the mammals died of natural causes; however, environmentalists are already blaming oil activities for the mortality.

The report ruled out any link between the 877deaths and the oil exploration and also said that the dolphins were not victims of a virus or bacterium. "The causes were natural. This has already occurred in New Zealand, Australia and other countries," said the Minister of Production, Gladys Triveño.

The NGO Scientific Conservation of Aquatic Animals (Orca) criticized the government and published an article indicating that the dolphins have suffered from the noise impact of oil drilling, which left them disoriented (you can read this in Spanish at:

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