Regulatory News

After completing 22 years in existence last week, the Spinner Dolphin Project, coordinated by the Center for Aquatic Mammals, linked to the Ministry of the Environment, celebrates the good results in protecting this animal in the Fernando de Noronha archipelago off the coast of Pernambuco. Thanks to the initiative, the awareness and desire to preserve the spinner dolphin spread among residents and the thousands of tourists who visit the islands.

"After creating preservation regulations, we began to monitor compliance, and inserted the topic of sustainability in human occupation of Fernando de Noronha, we empowered residents to work in tourism and developed research involving the spinner dolphin," says José Martins, environmental analyst ICMBio, founder and coordinator of the project, which is sponsored by Petrobras.

The research is divided into seven sub-programs: occupation and distribution of cetaceans, behavioral ecology, cataloging dolphins, genetic characterization, interaction of tourism with dolphins, trophic behavior and the rescue network for marine mammal strandings. The program already has produced three Ph.D. theses, five Master theses, 32 course completion papers and 127 scientific papers.

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