Regulatory News

The government of the Argentine province of Chubut, in the Patagonia region, decided to take a radical decision to protect whales living in Peninsula Valdes, which serves as a mating region for aquatic mammals. This week an operation began that culls seagulls attacking whales that inhabit the area, causing injuries and even deaths.

According to the Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development Control, Eduardo Maza, it is estimated that about 60 whales have died in recent years from infections caused by wounds left by the birds. Maza said the culling of gulls is selective. snipers with air guns will follow in boats away from areas frequented by tourists and will act accompanied by biologists.

"We will spend a few hours observing which seagulls attack whales, and an expert in hunting will do the shooting. Only those that attack will be eliminated," said biologist Marcelo Bertellotti from the Patagonian National Center in an interview with BBC Brazil. The operation should last 60 days.

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