Regulatory News

The search for warmer waters on the coast of the state of Baja California, Mexico by gray whales so they can reproduce procreate led the Mexican government to encourage projects to preserve the species, which before had been threatened because of overfishing. Technicians working in the Biosphere Reserve of El Vizcaino counted 1321 cetaceans (729 adults and 592 calves), numbers far superior to the 62 adult animals sighted in 2009 and 20 in 2010.

Mexico has a policy to encourage the conservation of marine species. There are 175 protected areas, and El Vizcaino is the largest. The region became a center for eco-tourism, with particular interest in observing the huge gray whale.

The animals measure between 9 and 15 meters and weigh up to 35 tons. In winter, they migrate from Asian waters to the Mexican coast, a distance of over 10,000 km (about 6,200 miles).

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