Regulatory News

Environmentalists are issuing an alert about the risk of oil and gas exploration in the blocks located in the Equatorial Margin - between state coasts of Rio Grande do Norte and Amapá - which will be auctioned off on May 14 and 15 at the 11th Bid Round of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP). Of the total 289 blocks, 170 are in the region which has a potential of 7.5 billion barrels, and where there are 96 conservation units -18 of them are on land.

The Equatorial Margin has the largest coast of mangroves in the country. And, in the state of Maranhão, near one of the blocks being auctioned, is one of the most important Brazilian coral banks. Experts consulted in a report to the newspaper, O Globo, say that exploration will require high investmentsin preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessments for obtaining licenses as well asfor the preparation of the Individual Emergency Program.

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