Regulatory News

Oscar winner for best documentary of 2010, The Cove, reported that around 23,000 dolphins and whales are killed in Japan for the consumption of meat from these animals. The port town of Taji is one of the main stages of this massacre. Now, over the next five years, city authorities want to transform part of the cove where fishermen slaughter cetaceans into a natural reserve so that tourists can swim or go boating in the company of dolphins.

According to Masaki Wada, a government official of Taji, the idea is to promote tourism on a large scale in a 280 square meter park. The creation of the reserve, however, will not mean the end of the fishing of dolphins and whales - a tradition in Japan that is condemned by many countries. "People can watch these marine mammals and also taste local produce, including dolphin and whale," said Wada.

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