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The presence of bee colonies in the most urbanized area of ​​Vienna - close to palaces, museums, theaters and historic churches - has attracted the attention of residents in the Austrian capital. In the countryside, the numbers had dropped dramatically. According to Felix Munk, chairman of the beekeepers organization Stadt - Imker, which has been struggling to preserve the insects for eight years, says there are no more bees in 80% in Austria territory due to the intensive use of pesticides and climate change.

"Contrary to what people think, recent studies claim that the honey produced in cities can be even better than the field because bees pollinate uncontaminated plants, with no pesticides," said Munk to the Spanish news agency Efe. According to him, 200 species of wild bees survive in Vienna in 80 apiaries, each with up to 100,000 insects and the ability to produce 15-20 kilos of honey.

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