Regulatory News

The city of Milan in Italy plans to use the vacant space on the roofs of several historic buildings in the city with bee hives. Among the possible buildings are the Scala Theater, the Sforzeco Castle, the Civic Aquarium, the Palazzo Marino - seat of city government - and museums like the Triennale Museum of Design and the Natural History Museum. The idea came from the Milleapi Association (‘a thousand bees’ in Italian) and board of citizens who live in the historic center of Milan.

Urban beekeeping is practiced in cities like New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Paris, with the goal of increasing biodiversity in urban areas and allowing the pollination of plants and trees in large cities.

Each roof will get six bee colonies -five pounds of organic beeswax. The honey produced will be taken to a beekeeping center nearby. " In an urban environment, no pesticides are used. Additionally, cities tend to have a milder climate. Neither is it necessary to be afraid of bees because they are not carnivorous like wasps. We can choose less aggressive breeds to populate the urban beehives," explains Michele Taglibue , of the Milleapi Association.

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