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In a month, at least six of the humpback whales have died on Brazilian. Biologists explain that it is common for these mammals to become stranded during the winter in the Southern Hemisphere, when the species leave Antarctica in search of warmer waters, mainly in the Abrolhos Archipelago, in southern Bahia.

The first case occurred on Barra do Sahy Beach, in the state of Espirito Santo. The next three deaths occurred in different parts of the coast in the state of Rio Grande do Norte: the first on July 23, three days later the second and the last on August 2. On August 4, a humpback was found in Sao Francisco do Itabapoana in the state of Rio de Janeiro. A week later, a humpback stranded on the beach of Macumba in Rio de Janeiro was found. The animal, which weighed20 tons, had to be hoisted to be placed in a truck.

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