Regulatory News

Five years ago, Biota Conservation Institute, a Non-governmental Organization that conducts research and works to preserve the flora and fauna in the state of Alagoas located in the northeast of Brazil, developed a project aimed at protecting aquatic mammals. Through the 'Cetacean Alagoas', volunteers and professionals are trained in courses promoted by the NGO.

The main focus of the project is the preservation of the gray river dolphin species mostly seen along the coast of Alagoas. Being an animal that usually approaches the shore, it is a victim of overfishing or becomes stranded at low tide. Students in the Biota Institute courses learn to monitor cetaceans and how to help with saving them.

The observation of the aquatic mammals also serves as parameters for the environmental licensing of projects in the coastal zone. Knowing the habits of the population it is possible to know the impact from any external action on the lives of animals and how those actions can be mitigated.

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