Regulatory News

The request from the pulp and paper industries for the commercial release to plant genetically modified eucalyptus is already causing controversy among Brazilian beekeepers. Producers fear that exports of organic honey may be affected due to GM traces in the product.

With 350,000 small-business beekeepers, Brazil achieved US$74.2 million in honey exports this year, with 80% of the organic type going mainly to Europe and the United States. About 35% of Brazil's production comes from the eucalyptus tree which has a great attraction for bees.

According to the Brazilian Association of Exporters of Honey (ABEMEL), the reason for Brazil’s output gap is that bees feed on diverse native forests. "With whole forests of transgenic eucalyptus, we risk losing market share. Every batch is analyzed and exported, and if any transgenic trace is found, it is discarded," said the executive secretary of ABAMEL, Joelma Labertucci in an interview with the TV news channel, Globo.

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