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With the prolonged period without rain, there were a large number of burned trees due to drought and the uncontrolled use of pesticides. This combination of factors caused the death of thousands of bees and affected the production of honey in the cities of Santa Cruz da Conceição and Leme, in the state of São Paulo.

According to beekeepers in the region, in an area that normally had 100 swarms in a season, there were only 15 this year. The lack of rain reduced the amount of flowers. And without nectar, many bees died without food.

Another problem, according to the Study Centre for Social Insects Paulista State University (UNESP), was that the loss of vegetation caused a migration of bees to urban areas, where they are having trouble finding food.

Besides this, there are estimates that at least 5 million bees from four apiaries have died from the mishandling of pesticides. The product was used to remove a swarm from a tower of a church in Santa Cruz do Sul. But some bees survived, returned to their hives and others became contaminated with toxic product.

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