Regulatory News

In six months, eight manatee calves have been rescued along the coast of Ceara, in northeastern Brazil. The most recent case occurred last week when one of the species became stranded on Ariós Beach in the city of Beberibe. The manatee, which was dehydrated but unharmed, is being treated at the Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center.

According to researchers, the stranding of newborn manatees is a major cause of mortality of the species, one of the most endangered species in Brazil. The main reason for this is the degradation of estuaries, the breeding habitat of these cetaceans, due to the shrimp and salt fields. "Females lose access to sites with calm waters and have to give birth offshore, where currents and tides can carry the newborns away," explains Carol Meirelles, biologist and coordinator of the Manatee Project, which monitors strandings, rescue, rehabilitation and actions in defense of the manatee in Ceará.

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