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The Thames, the most famous river in England called 'The Great Stink' because of pollution, underwent a process of revitalization. The proof is in the sighting of 2,732 large mammals in the last ten years. The figures were released by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), confirming the recovery of the river.

In the period surveyed, the highest record was the appearance of seals, even in the region of Canary Wharf, where there are modern skyscrapers. It is estimated that about 670 seals live in the estuary of the Thames. The Zoological Society of London also recorded 444 porpoises and dolphins and 49 whales.

"The fact that we have seen so many animals in central London indicates that fish stocks are big enough to feed these large predators," Joanna Barker, project manager at ZSL, told BBC.

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