Regulatory News

The Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio) returned one more manatee back to nature: named Branca, the female is the 41st of its species to be rescued and rehabilitated by the National Center for Research and Conservation of Aquatic Mammals (CMA), which is connected to the institute.

Branca was released into the Environmental Protection Area of Coral Coast, in Alagoas. A GPS device will allow the monitoring of the cetacean and its adaptation to nature, as well as help in the research of the species. Considered endangered, the manatees live in the waters extending from the state of Amapá, in the far north of Brazil to the state of Alagoas, in the northeast. There are about a thousand manatees. The main causes of death of the species are calf strandings and losing their habitat.

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