Regulatory News

To carry two manatees from Itamaracá, in Pernambuco, to Porto de Pedras, on the coast of Alagoas, where there is a Preservation area of the species, it took 12 hours and 40 specialists from the Center for Research and Conservation of Mammals (CMA), an agency with the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation linked with the Ministry of Environment. The animals were taken in two Munk type trucks equipped with cranes.

One of the manatees, named Neptune, is 25 years old and weighs about 420 kilograms. He is one of the biggest reproducers in the country and has lived in captivity since 1991 when he was rescued as a calf on a beach in Rio Grande do Norte; and now he will be kept in the new 'home'. The other manatee, dubbed Zoe, will undergo an adjustment period in order to be released into the wild in a year.

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