Regulatory News

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has made a number of requirements to 12 public and private institutions to prevent the extinction of the estuarine dolphin in the bays of Sepetiba and Ilha Grande, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, an area with the largest population of the species in the world. The risk is that the animals may disappear from the region in ten years if nothing is done. According to researchers, in 2003 there were about 1,300 estuarine dolphins in that stretch of the coast. Today, the number is has fallen to 800. The main threats are the large fishing nets and increased boat traffic.

From 2013 to 2015, there were 170 dolphin deaths in the region. In January alone, there were seven deaths. Federal Prosecutor, Monique Chequer has recommended greater supervision by the Federal Police and the Brazilian Environmental Institute (IBAMA). It was suggested that the State Environmental Institute (INEA), be stricter in granting licenses.

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