Regulatory News

The striking images of whales, sardines, salmon and other marine species that have appeared on the beaches of Chile since last year may be related to the weather phenomenon El Niño. That is what was stated by the Undersecretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the country, Raul Súnico. On the Chilean coast, the changes in the ocean caused by El Niño are in addition to an intense vertical displacement of deep-water masses to the surface, resulting in decreased oxygen.

This combination is being investigated as one of the reasons for the stranding of more than 330 whales in a remote region of the south last year. The cetacean carcasses were only discovered months later. In addition, earlier this year, a sharp increase of algae in the water choked 40,000 tons of salmon, 12% of the annual production. Moreover, more: 8,000 tons of sardines were found dead.

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