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One of the last 35 estuarine dolphins in Guanabara Bay was found dead on a beach in Ilha do Governador, the northern zone in Rio de Janeiro. The calf, named Acerola by the Aquatic Mammals Laboratory experts (MAQUA) from the University of Rio de Janeiro, was only a year and nine months old. The experts have spent two decades working on identifying, monitoring and doing research on the Guanabara Bay cetaceans.

The experts found knife cuts on the body, indicating that the cause of death was not natural. "This is the first time since we started monitoring 24 years ago that we have found one of these animals intentionally killed, lamented Maqua oceanographer, José Lailson. According to him, in the 80’s, there were more than 400 estuarine dolphins in the Bay of Guanabara.

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