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Known in China as baiji, the Chinese river dolphin had been declared extinct ten years ago. A few days ago, however, environmentalists claim to have seen one kind of animal in the Yangtze River near the city of Wuhu, in Anhui Province, in southern China. In the 50's, there were thousands of baijis in the Yangtze region. In the 80s, there were more than 200. Construction of dams, traffic of boats and overfishing were the reasons for the population decline of the species.

According to reports, a gray mammal with a long snout was seen leaping from the water, 300 meters from the environmentalists’ boat. A sonar recorded the noise emitted by the animal, but it was not possible to photograph it. The information was submitted for analysis at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. "Only one baiji could jump like that," said Song Qi, one of the environmentalists who participated in expedition in the region.

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