Regulatory News

Three species of stingless bees (Melipona subnitida, M. compressipes fasciculata and M. rufiventris) are being kept in meliponary at EMBRAPA MeioNorte; eight species (M. compresipesfasciculata, M. rufiventris flavolineata, M. seminigrapernigra, M. seminigra of Tapajós, M. puncticollis, Scaptotrigona sp. 1, Scaptotrigona sp. 2 and Tetragoniscaangustula) are kept at EMBRAPA Amazônia Oriental; And two species (M. mandacaia and M. asilvai) are being kept at EMBRAPA Semiarid. This is what the Inventory of Animal Genetic Resources, a publication with information about animals that are part of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) conservation program reports.

In addition, EMBRAPA specialists monitor commercial breeding sites that maintain these species. One of the objectives is to teach proper management techniques, as well as avoiding the destruction of habitats. These bees are fundamental in the conservation of wild flora and fauna because they are responsible for the pollination of 30% to 90% of the native species.

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