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Smuggling is not the only challenge faced by the tobacco industry in Brazil. Cigarettes are among the five most stolen goods throughout the country's roads. Now there is an explosion of violence targeting cargo. In the eyes of the criminals, stealing cigarettes is surpassed only by food, drinks, clothes and medicine.

According to research carried out by the Joint Cargo Committee of the United Kingdom, Brazil occupies sixth place in a ranking of 57 countries where freight transport is considered risky. At the front are conflagrated regions: Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and South Sudan.

In Rio de Janeiro, where the situation is most serious, there were 9,862 cargo thefts between January and October of this year. "There are several areas of the city where we no longer deliver," said Liel Miranda, president of Souza Cruz, Brazil's largest cigarette maker, during a seminar promoted by the newspaper O Globo.

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