Regulatory News

Research commissioned by the Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics reveals that, for 79% of the Brazilians, the government is conniving with organized crime in relation to cigarette smuggling. In all, Datafolha researchers interviewed 2,081 people in 129 cities from February 5th to 8th.

In a question about the actions that must be taken to combat cigarette smuggling in Paraguay, 90% of those interviewed defended repressive measures. Among them, increased border security (43%), laws with tougher penalties for smuggling (20%), more investments in combating the illegal market (16%) and the closing of places selling smuggled cigarettes (11%). Only 9% suggest reducing taxes for the affected sectors.

When it comes to taking measures to stop smuggling, the option that appears in front with 44% of the interviewees is radical: closing the border between Brazil and Paraguay to avoid the entry of illegal cigarettes.

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