Regulatory News

During the Security and Development Seminar last week in São Paulo, Chief Minister of the Office of Institutional Security, General Sergio Etchegoyen said that the federal government in partnership with other countries is developing an integrated system to monitor borders. "It is absolutely impossible to control borders without technology. There is no possibility that we will monitor such large areas, land and sea, that have such intense traffic in regions so remote, without technology," he said, commenting on crimes such as smuggling and trafficking of arms, drugs and cigarettes.

According to the minister, there are criminal organizations with transnational structures that operate these activities. "These groups have continental and, in some cases, global reach. Therefore, monitoring 16,700 kilometers becomes a major challenge," said Etchegoyen, during the event. The seminar was conducted by Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, with support from the Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics (Etco).

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