Regulatory News
July 30
A resolution published by the National Oil and Gas Agency (ANP) sets out regulatory guidelines related to the New Gas Market program, launched by the Brazilian government last week. With the objective of promoting free competition for the sector, the agenda of measures is expected to be completed by 2023.

Check below the ANP calendar for the New Gas Market:


- Resolution on criteria of autonomy and independence of carriers
- Resolution on interconnection between transport pipelines
- Review of ANP Resolution No. 15/2014 (which establishes the criteria for the calculation of transportation tariffs for the firm, interruptible and extraordinary natural gas transportation services, and the procedure for the approval of proposals for natural gas transportation tariffs submitted by Transporters for the Authorized Transport Pipelines)


- Guidelines for Jointly Developing Common Access Codes
- Review of ANP Resolution No. 51/2013 (which regulates the authorization for the practice of natural gas loading activity, within the Union's sphere of competence)
- Review of ANP Resolution No. 52/2011 (which regulates: the authorization of the practice of
natural gas trading activity, within the Union's sphere of competence, the registration of seller agent, provided for in Decree No. 7,382 / 2010, and the registration of natural gas purchase and sale agreements)
- Review of ANP Resolution No. 37/2013 (establishes criteria for the characterization of the expansion of the transport capacity of transport pipelines, composed of all its pipes and auxiliary installations)
- Revenue Transfer Mechanisms among Interconnected Natural Gas Transporters


- Review of ANP Resolution No. 11/2016 (which regulates: the provision of transportation services by carriers, the assignment of capacity contracted under the firm mode, the operational exchange of natural gas, the approval and registration of transportation service contracts); and the promotion of public call processes for the contracting of natural gas.)


- Conflict Resolution Concerning Access to LNG (Conciliation and Arbitration) Terminals
- Characterization of the Natural Gas Transport System
July 23
In May total oil and natural gas production in Brazil reached 3.473 million barrels of oil per day (boe/d), exceeding the previous record in December 2016, when 3.433 million barrels of oil per day were produced. The data was released by the National Oil and Gas Agency (ANP).

Pre-salt production corresponded to 60.7% of the total in the country; 6.4% higher than in April and 14.5% higher than May of last year. According to the ANP bulletin, 95.8% of the gas produced was used. Offshore fields accounted for 96.3% of oil production and 83.8% of natural gas. The fields operated by Petrobras produced 94.4% of oil and natural gas. Brazilian production took place in 7,107 wells, 642 maritime and 6,465 land.
July 08
Australia's National Offshore Oil Safety and Environment Management Authority (NOPSEMA) has requested additional information from the Norwegian company Equinor on its environmental plan for oil exploration activity in the Great Australian Bay.

With the measure, the evaluation that had begun was interrupted so that the company could send the requested information within a period of 60 days. NOPSEMA technicians identified issues not answered by Equinor in the document under consideration.

The agency said it could not give details of what additional data was requested and stressed that its role is to prevent major accidents, ensure worker safety, and protect the environment.

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