Regulatory News
March 31
Mexico's Security, Energy and Environment Agency (ASEA) is up against a controversy. According to information from the Mexican press, the regulator canceled a $700,000 fine that state oil company Pemex would have had to pay for destroying a mangrove area during the construction of the Dos Bocas refinery. According to the complaints, the measure was taken despite the fact that the size of the devastated area has increased since ASEA discovered the problem.

The undertaking started in early 2019, when the damage to the vegetation was found and ASEA applied the fine. In August, Pemex obtained a provisional construction license, but with the proviso that it would not interfere in the rest of the mangrove area. Satellite images released by Quartz magazine showed that the green area destroyed last month was larger than when Pemex was given the warning.
March 31
The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) launched a publication that focuses on increasing the share of natural gas extracted in the pre-salt regions in Brazil's energy matrix. The 'Study on the Use of Pre-Salt Natural Gas’, which is available on the ANP publications page, was developed jointly by specialists from the regulatory body and from various government agencies.

The idea of ​​preparing the study arose due to the tendency of increasing levels of reinjection of natural gas in the pre-salt reservoirs in recent years and the expectation of a considerable increase in these volumes in the future. Since 2013, growth has been four-fold and should be up to six-fold by 2023.
March 09
Australia's National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Management Authority (NOPSEMA), has decided to take direct steps to help protect and support offshore oil and gas exploration platforms from the risks associated with COVID-19 (new coronavirus). Since offshore facilities are confined places where workers are mostly close to each other, the chance of spreading infectious diseases increases.

NOPSEMA instructed all platform operators to review their infectious disease management plans in relation to COVID-19 and to pass on to all employees the latest information provided by the Australian Department of Health and the World Health Organization. The agency is also encouraging inspections to ensure that operators implement effective preparedness and response plans.

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