Regulatory News
May 25
The Brazilian government plans to review electric sector regulation in the country to make it more attractive to private initiative. Sources heard by the Reuters news agency say the planned changes are in the opposite direction to the model deployed by former President Dilma Rousseff, who reduced tariffs but caused losses to the companies that were later able to be compensated.

One of the measures is the gradual reduction so that consumers can negotiate directly with the companies generating and distributing of energy. "Liberalizing the market is a necessity," says Eduardo Azevedo, Secretary of Planning at the Ministry of Mines and Energy.
May 12
President Donald Trump is firmly committed to reducing US economic regulation, one of his top campaign pledges. He has already signed executive orders to change the climate rules created during Obama's administration. He also has advised each agency to appoint an officer to be responsible for reforming the regulation in their area and to set up a task force to take that agenda forward.

In addition, the President also signed 13 resolutions passed by Congress overturning regulations that the Obama administration created shortly before the end of the term. Trump's goal is to eliminate 70% of federal agency regulations.
May 02
In a recent event with executives in New York, US President Donald Trump hopes to launch a $1 trillion infrastructure plan soon. However, for this, the government's goal is to eliminate a number of regulations.

"We are totally destroying the regulations of the last eight years. The approval process for infrastructure projects is expected to decrease from 10 years to a year," said Trump, who showed a map of regulations that impeded the immediate construction of roads and criticized the bureaucracy for approvals.

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