Regulatory News
October 30
The ANP Board of Directors approved a Public Contribution Review (TPC), with the objective of encouraging investments in small and medium-sized oil discoveries, especially those that present logistical, technical or operational challenges. A TPC is a consultation mechanism open to the public to collect data, information, and suggestions. In this case, it is for the creation of incentive regulatory instruments in the area of oil and gas wells with low economic attractiveness. The main goals of the initiative are the use of energy resources, the generation of jobs, and the increase in the collection of royalties by the Union, states and municipalities.
October 18
This Wednesday, October 17, the director general of the Brazilian National Petroleum Agency (ANP), Décio Oddone, said that the bidding rounds for oil exploration and production areas already carried out will provide about $450 billion in investments and R$1.7 trillion in collection. Speaking at the event, "TCU participation in the Decommissioning and Regulation of Public Services," in Brasilia, Oddone also said that the increase in exploration activity, the recovery of mature fields and the attraction of new investments for the sector are the agency’s focus.

In another event, the 6th Meeting of the Southeast Fuel Dealers and the 4th National Meeting of Lubricant Wholesale Dealers in Campinas, São Paulo, the director Aurélio Amaral stated that the ANP is seeking to reduce red tape and unnecessary for there to be greater incentives for competition and investments in the sector.
September 25
The Federal Police arrested 33 people, including 13 police officers, accused of participating in a cigarette smuggling scheme from Paraguay to Brazil. Some 280 agents worked in the operation against the gang, which had ramifications in seven states: Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás and Alagoas. According to investigations, in 2017 alone, 1200 semi-trailer loads of illegal tobacco shipments were brought into Brazil by the gang.

Accused of facilitating the scheme, detained police come from different sectors: Highway Police, Civil Police and Military Police. Appointed head of the gang, Ângelo Guimarães Ballerini was arrested during his wedding reception in a luxury hotel in Maceió, capital of Alagoas.

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